Pattern: Vest Laura


PDF Sewing Pattern

Sizes 34 to 48 (uk: 6-20 / us: 2-16)

Our Laura Vest pattern is an easy sleeveless vest pattern, perfect for any season with its two patch pockets adorned with bias tape. This pattern is ideal for sewing beginners.

Create this model according to your preferences; you can choose to line it or not. The unlined version highlights a fabric with two different faces (e.g., jacquard, quilted), and the lined version allows you to vary your style, such as using a patterned fabric for one side and a solid color for the other.

Pattern infos

To make this Vest, you will need:

Option 1:
- 80cm of fabric (size 34 to 40)
- 1m of fabric (size 42 to 48)
- 5m of bias tape
- a sewing machine
- an overlocker (optional)

Option 2:
- 80cm of fabric + 80cm of lining (size 34 to 40)
- 1m of fabric + 1m of lining (size 42 to 48)
- 5m of bias tape
- a sewing machine
- an overlocker (optional)

Seam allowances are included and visible on the pattern.

This pattern can be made with fabrics such as Jacquard, quilted fabric, denim, wool, velvet, tweed, and more.

Infos PDF


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Trim the margins on each sheet and assemble them by matching markers. An assembly visual guide is available in your PDF folder.