Pattern: Bum Bag Chic


Easy Sewing Pattern PDF

What if you could sew your own Fanny Pack! The perfect bag to never forget anything and keep smiling.

This trendy accessory can accompany you in your everyday adventures and can be sewn quickly and easily.

An easy-to-make fanny pack with an adjustable and removable strap to customize according to your desires.

A big thank you to everyone who shares their creations! Excited to see all the patterned fabrics you can find #atelierjumadipattern

Pattern infos

To complete this sewing pattern, you will need:

- 50cm of fabric + 50cm of lining
- 1 zipper 40cm or 45cm long
- 1m of straps (3cm wide)
- 1 slider buckle
- 2 snap hooks
- 2 rings
- a sewing machine

If the fabric you've chosen is too lightweight, you can use interfacing.

Seam allowances are included and visible on the pattern.

This pattern can be made with a variety of materials, including linen, cotton, jacquard, quilted fabric, denim, wool, velvet, and more.

Infos PDF


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Tape the sheets side by side without overlapping them. Retrace the lines that were not printed within the margins. A visual is available in your PDF folder.